Simple Cash Flow Forecasting Tool | Tailwind


Secure by design

Your company’s cash flow forecasts are sensitive data that only you should have access to.

This is how Tailwind works. From secure authentication and world class data centre to safe data exchange with banks and more, your data is always safe and for your eyes only.

We are using Digital Ocean, a world-class data centre provider that hosts mission-critical applications of global companies.

Tailwind is hosted in Digital Ocean’s data centre in Frankfurt, Germany.

Tailwind does not allow you to create your username and password, This is not accidental. Password and username are just not secure enough.

Instead we offer SMART ID (a digital signature tool compliant with EU eIDAS regulation) or Google ID, providing uncompromised security at all times.

When creating your Tailwind account, you probably want to enable data sync with your bank, so that your forecast will be automatically updated every time you log in.

Data exchange with banks is in line with EU “open banking” regulation and provided by our partner Go Cardless , a licensed Account Information Services Provider.

You can synchronize with as many banks as you wish and can withdraw your consent for data exchange at any time.

After the 30-day free trial expires, you will be asked to provide the details of your payment card to continue using Tailwind and we will charge a monthly or annual fee to it (see Pricing).

Tailwind Technologies SIA (the company behind Tailwind) will not store or have access to your information; it will be safely stored in an encrypted form by our service provider Stripe, a payment services company trusted by over 3 million companies worldwide.

Data that you create or import such as counterparty names and amounts for planned transactions, expected cash balances, etc. is encrypted and neither the Tailwind team nor any of our partners or service providers can access it.

The only data that the Tailwind team has access to is the name of your company, the list of users that are entitled to access your account and their email addresses, the status of your subscription, the status of data synchronization with your bank, and time of your recent login sessions.