A simple tool for cash flow planning

Visualize the flow of your planned transactions. Forecast your account balance on any future date and save time with automatic updates.

Easiest modelling you’ve ever seen!

Start planning with minimal effort

The simplest tool to keep track of your business’ cash flows. Auto-sync it with your bank account and benefit from automatic updates when transactions happen. Never waste time on updating data manually.

Model what-if scenarios

A truly hassle free planning experience that saves you time. Add planned transactions with a click, reschedule with “drag and drop” and duplicate recurring transactions. This will help you instantly understand what could happen in different scenarios.

Only you can access your data

We use SMART ID to protect your forecasts from unauthorized access. We will add additional authentication options for other countries soon.

Just three steps to set up

You can check out our demo without registration, but Sign Up for your own account takes only a few minutes.

  • Step 1
    Authenticate yourself using SMART ID
  • Step 2
    Enter your company name
  • Step 3
    Set up sync with your company’s bank account

You are ready to start building your forecast!

You control the data
sync with your bank

Data sync with your bank enables automatic updates of your forecasts. This will only happen if you authorize your bank to send information to your Tailwind account. You can withdraw that permission at any time.

Only you can see the information received from your bank.

Access to bank account data/information is provided by our partner Nordigen (a GoCardless company). Nordigen is a licensed AISP (Account Information Service Provider) that is following strict PSD2 and GDPR regulations to ensure security, privacy and reliability.

Free for 30 days

Your Tailwind account is free of charge for the first 30 days. After that, for a fee of EUR 30 a month or EUR 300 a year.

See subscription options

Why did we build it?

Tailwind was built by a team led by Kārlis Mikoss and Lars-Erik Hion, who have been running services businesses for years and got frustrated by a lack of simple and easy way to plan cash flows. Neither spending long hours in Excel nor “flying blind” seemed right, so we built Tailwind!

Kārlis Mikoss
25+ years in banking, product management, startups, ERP & consulting
Lars-Erik Hion
20+ years in banking, service design, software & startups

Your feedback is welcome

If you have tried Tailwind and have feedback to share, we would love to hear from you!

Please reach out to Kārlis Mikoss at karlis@tailwind.lv

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