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What will our bank account balance be on August 20?

Or 22 September? Find it out easily with Tailwind, a visualized cash flow forecasting tool for your business that shows expected cash balance on any future date.

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Are you a services business?

Marketing, software development, construction, consulting or any other industry that delivers project-based services.


Long "contract to cash" cycles?

Does it take several weeks or months between signing the contract with the client and receiving the final payment?


No in-house finance team?

An external accounting firm helps with reports on the past. But planning is just one of many things you are responsible for.


Growing and expanding?

You are investing in new services or new markets and need to make sure your cash flow supports that.


... then Tailwind is perfect for you!

How does Tailwind work?

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    No downloads or files

    Just open in your browser

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    Sync with your bank account

    Thanks to “open banking” rules by European Union, you can ask your bank to send your account data to Tailwind. If you do that, every time you log in your forecast will be automatically updated.

  • 04.

    Add planned transactions

    Click on a timeline and add a new planned transaction (it takes just 5 seconds) - the earlier the better!

  • 05.

    Reschedule by drag and drop

    If any of your assumptions have changed, use “drag and drop” to reschedule the respective transaction to a new date and your forecast will be immediately recalculated!

  • 06.

    Use smart filters

    See totals by period, transactions by client and apply other filters.

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    Invite others

    Invite others to collaborate: you can invite colleagues, investors, external accountants, bankers - anyone you decide should get access!

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Tailwind gives you

Peace of mind

Peace of mind

By planning several weeks or months ahead you will be able to take action and prevent any cash shortages that might otherwise occur.

Instant insights

Instant insights

Things often change in the projects you deliver for your clients. With Tailwind, you can use “drag and drop” to reschedule any transaction and will immediately see the impact.



With Tailwind you see every planned transaction rather than just some abstract numbers. This makes your forecasts credible!

Time savings

Time savings

Sure, you can also use a spreadsheet but that will require 10x more time than Tailwind.

What are our clients saying?

Just three steps to set up

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Authenticate yourself using SMART ID or Google

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Enter your company name and your e-mail address

Step 3


Set up sync with your company’s bank account

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You are ready to start building your forecast!

You control the data sync with your bank

Data sync with your bank enables automatic updates of your forecasts.This will only happen if you authorize your bank to send information to your Tailwind account. You can withdraw that permission at any time.

Only you can see the information received from your bank.

Access to bank account data/information is provided by our partner GoCardless (previously Nordigen). GoCardless is a licensed AISP (Account Information Service Provider) and follows strict PSD2 and GDPR regulations to ensure security, privacy and reliability.

Data sync

Free for 30 days

Your Tailwind account is free of charge for the first 30 days. After that, for a fee of EUR 30 a month or EUR 300 a year.

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Built to solve a problem we’ve experienced

Tailwind was built by a team led by Kārlis Mikoss and Lars-Erik Hion, who have been running services businesses for years and got frustrated by a lack of simple and easy way to plan cash flows. Neither spending long hours in Excel nor “flying blind” seemed right, so we built Tailwind!

Kārlis Mikoss

25+ years in banking, product management, startups, ERP & consulting


Lars-Erik Hion

20+ years in banking, service design, software & startups